Updated Hormann Price lists

Updated Hormann Price lists

Hormann have increase prices on their product range which came into effect on 17th October 2016. The general price increase is around 5% on garage and entrance doors but operator prices are unchanged.

The most significant change is the price alignment of metric sized sectional doors in Price List 01-16A to be closer to the series 2000 equivalent. This means price reductions of an average of 7% on standard and a staggering 14% on special sized metric doors.

All changes are detailed below for your convenience and complete understanding. Do please take a moment to read this thoroughly and go through the price lists. If you have any questions please speak with your local area sales manager or your usual office contact. Download the latest price guide below:









Series 2000 Garage Door Price List – 17.10.2016

Page 1 (front cover)

  • We have a completely new look with a single image and the new ‘HÖRMANN’ logo in the bottom right corner.

Page 3

  • Updated contents page highlighting all ‘//NEW’ products and new product icons.

Pages 4-7 – Up-and-Over doors with steel infill

  • List prices of Up-and-Over doors in steel increased by 5%.
  • 7566 and 7570 Caxton is withdrawn due to poor sales.
  • 7670 Chevron is withdrawn due to poor sales.
  • 7566 and 7570 Georgian and Marquess Decograin are also withdrawn. If you have quotes outstanding for any discontinued doors please speak with your local sales manager.
  • Optional extra prices, including frames, are increased by 5%.

Pages 8-11 – Up-and-Over doors with timber infill

  • List prices of all doors with timber infill are increased by 7%.
    Frames and option prices are increased by 5%.

Page 12 – Up-and-Over doors with GRP infill

  • The list prices of Up-and-Over doors with GRP infill and window options are also increased by 7%.

Page 13 – Sectional Doors

  • We continue to make reference to intermediate sizes being available but not publishing a price for this. You will however be delighted to know that there is no increase to the price of modifying a UK stock door.
  • Please remember that with our new state-of-the-art CNC machine, the standard lead-time on any door modified from UK stock is on your next scheduled delivery!
  • And remember, only Hörmann give you a Secured by Design sectional door at no price premium!

Pages 14-17

  • The list prices of all Series 2000 sectional doors have increased by 5%.

Pages 18-19

  • The optional extra pages have a new look which is much less cluttered and more similar to that of the 01-16A. Prices increased by 5%.

Pages 20-21

  • Aluminium Garage Side Doors are now featured on two pages for a cleaner look and in anticipation of additions to the range. Prices also increased by 5%.

Pages 22-27 – RollMatic Roller Garage Doors and Optional Extras

  • RollMatic list prices increased by 5% and more space is given to optional extras.
    RollMatic TDL is now added to the Series 2000 Price List but the prices have not increased, making this price leading door even better value!
    Only the price of the hand transmitter has increased and this is a correction.

Page 28-33

  • There is no list price increase on operators or many accessories.
  • Some prices have increased but mostly by only around £2.
  • All new hand transmitters now feature the ‘HÖRMANN’ logo rather than the lozenge used before.
  • //NEW: HS 1 BS and HS 4 BS in black textured finish with chrome plated end caps are introduced.
  • //NEW: HSE 4 BS in black textured finish with black end caps is introduced and becomes the standard transmitter for ProMatic, RotaMatic and RollMatic.
  • //NEW: Hand transmitter station in black textured finish.
  • //NEW: Hand transmitter holder for walking frames, wheelchairs or bicycles and motorcycles with tubular handlebars. Please note: hand transmitters are not waterproof!


Series 2000 Entrance Door Price List – 17.10.2016
Page 1 (front cover)

  • Featuring one large image rather than the previous four smaller images and again the ‘HÖRMANN’ logo is used.

Page 3

  • New product icons are introduced.

Pages 4-5 – Product description

  • //NEW: style 515 is added to the range.

Pages 8-10

  • Style 515 is priced as style 015.
  • All prices are increased by 5%.

Page 11-19 – Accessories and side elements overview

  • Some prices have increased by around 5% but many have dropped by a few pounds.
  • //NEW: Rose escutcheon option with a lever / lever handle.
  • Rails in side elements, which have been available for a while, are now included in the price list.
  • //NEW: Door leaf and frame in different colour. This is sure to be popular particularly the option to have a white frame on a coloured or Decor door.
  • //NEW: Retractable bottom seal. Please note: thermal and water-tightness performance may be compromised.
  • Please notice the pre-compressed sealing strip on page 15. This is essential to ensure the best seal between the door frame and the structural opening. It is easy to use and relatively inexpensive – and the price has dropped!

Pages 20-21 – ThermoPlus Product description

  • //NEW: Styles 515, 100, 410, 430 and 450 are added.

Page 25

  • The new styles with glazing are featured. This is the first time ‘Classic’ styles have been available as ThermoPlus doors.

Pages 26-29

  • List prices have increased by around 5%.

Page 30-37 – Accessories

  • //NEW: Rose escutcheon with lever / lever is also added to ThermoPlus.
  • //NEW: Latch switching contact, a micro switch activated by the centre latch.
  • //NEW: Door leaf and frame in different colour also included in ThermoPlus range.
  • //NEW: Unique to ThermoPlus, there is now the option to have a white interior to a Golden Oak, Dark Oak or Titan Metallic CH703 Decor door using the A3 Frame.
  • The surcharge for this is only £99!
  • Again the pre-compressed sealing strip is very important and again the price has dropped from £90 to £79.

Page 41-43 – KSi Thermo / MZ Thermo

  • The list prices of doors have increased by around 5% but some accessory prices are reduced.

Page 44 – MZ ThermoPlus

  • Style THP 051 now added to the price list.


Price List 01-16 A
Page 1 – Contents

  • The same new product icons are used.

Pages 4-84

  • This section is the Series 2000 Garage Door and Entrance Door Price Lists and are exactly as detailed above save for additional technical information.

Pages 85-153 – N80 and N500 Up-and-Over Doors

  • N80 list prices are increased by 5%.
  • The option of an N80 frame in the door leaf colour is now formally offered at surcharge of only £117.
  • //NEW: N500 range added to replace DF98.
  • List prices are only around 4% higher than the discontinued DF98.
  • Maximum infill weights are considerably higher on N500, particularly in smaller sizes.

Pages 155-308 – Sectional Garage Doors

  • The price of standard metric sized LTE and LPU sectional doors are reduced by an average of 7%.
  • The price of special sized steel doors are reduced by an average of 14% but as much as 26% on s-panelled Woodgrain.
  • This is to bring the price of metric doors closer to the Series 2000 equivalent.
  • A supplementary price list, combining imperial and metric sizes, will be available soon.
  • Lower prices, improved lead-times or an unrivalled service giving you a made to measure door from UK stock on your next scheduled delivery. Why go anywhere else?
  • The list price of Aluminium Garage Side Doors are increased by 5%.
  • The price of LTH Sectional doors and side doors are increased by around 10%.
  • There are four new design elements for doors with a wicket door.
  • Type D, S, M and L Glazing can now be ordered in a ‘special arrangement’, for example vertically aligned to one side, for a surcharge of £356.
  • Alternatively, we can now offer this service on any UK stock LPU door with no surcharge – you only pay for the windows at the prices featured!

Pages 319-333 – RollMatic Rolling Grilles

  • Rolling Grille HG 75 TD is added to the price list. This is a tube drive unit which requires no extra side clearance to accommodate the motor and is also available in a wider range of sizes.

Pages 335-411 – Door Operators and Accessories

  • There are no general price increases on operators but some changes to accessory prices.
  • The same new hand transmitters mentioned earlier are featured.
  • //NEW: VersaMatic gate operator.

Thank you for taking the time to read through this, as ever there is quite a lot going on! The price increases detailed are less than a third of the actual increase in our cost prices, due to the current weakness of the Pound vs. Euro, and the mid-term forecast doesn’t look any better. Hormann hope that they don’t have to pass on more of these increases but that cannot be ruled out at this stage.

To request update Horman brochures please contact the sale team sales@capitalgaragedoors.co.uk 


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