Why Choose Schuco Bifold and Sliding Patio Doors

Why Choose Schuco Bifold and Sliding Patio Doors

Schüco is arguably the most respected aluminium systems company in the world. Due to the strength of Aluminium, doors can be made taller and wider than other bifold doors, enabling you to create the largest glass panels for maximum light. KAT manufacture Schuco Bifold Doors and Sliding Patio Doors, in a wide range of colours.

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A feature which has recently been added to the Schueco Aluminium sliding doors is the new SmartClose feature, where the large patio doors start to slow down as they approach the frame and require a gently push to close fully. individual sashes can be manufactured up to a stunning 3 metres wide by 3 metres high, with just 2 panels. You can watch a short video of the SmartClose feature here.

Schuco doors aren’t as expensive as you might think, with more homeowners considering Schuco for their homes.  The aluminium profile of a Schueco bifolding door is just 60mm, compared with 70mm for our aluminium bifold doors, which means there is more glass and less profile per door sash, allowing more light into your home.

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