SeceuroFire Fire Protection

A recent addition to the Seceuro range, SeceuroFire offers a flame curtain and shutter. The Flame Curtain has a 2 hour rating and is the perfect solution where protection is required but without compromising on the aesthetics of a building. Usually installed within a ceiling, the Flame Curtain is activated in the event of a fire alarm or power cut to allow asset protection and safe passage from a building in the event of a fire. The SeceuroFire Flame Shutter is the perfect solution where fire protection is needed alongside security. Built with the same attention to details as the SeceuroShield range the Flame Shutter is available with a 1,2 or 4 hour rating offering a solution for most requirements.

All SeceuroFire products are:

  • Tested and assessed by Exova Warringtonfire.
  • Made to measure for a tailor made security solution
  • Manufactured in the UK
  • Conform to UK and European standards
  • Designed to integrate fire protection seamlessly into a building
  • SWS UK is an ISO9001 Certified Company

Flame Security Shutters

The flame security shutter is designed to be a security barrier and automatically close upon receiving a fire alarm signal to create a fire resistant barrier. In the event of a power failure, there is a battery backup feature to power the descent of the shutter.

  • Flame Security Shutter 60 – 1 hour rated
  • Flame Security Shutter 120 – 2 hour rated
  • Flame Security Shutter 240 – 4 hour rated

Product Performance

This product is uniquely capable of providing specifiers with a choice of Flame Shutter 60, 120, or 240 minutes integrity performance in accordance with the standards mentioned above.

Available in three integrity ratings
  • Flame Shutter 60 (1 hour rated)
  • Flame Shutter 120 (2 hour rated)
  • Flame Shutter 240 (4 hour rated)
Size Limitations

Min/max width: 800 mm / 7000 mm
Min/max height: 800 mm / 4600 mm

Sizes can vary according to integrity rating and larger sizes require a hood support bracket. Please check for confirmation. Maximum sizes can vary according to integrity rating.

Approved Standards

The fire resistance performance of shutters to BS 476: Part 22: 1987. The fire resistance performance of shutters to BS EN 1634-1: 2008. The product was tested and approved by Exova Warringtonfire, report no. 312862.

  • Creates a fire resistant barrier
  • Doubles up as security measure
  • 1, 2 and 4 hour ratings
  • Invisible when not in use
  • Auto-operation
  • Complies with regulations
  • Gravity fail safe

Automatic Fire Curtain from SWS

Intelligent automatic fire curtain from SWS UK – The flexible solution for a safe exit route.

Invisible when not in use, Flame Curtain is automatically activated in the event of a fire alarm or power failure. This ensures safety where it is needed without having to compromise on the aesthetics or design of a building.

The Flame Curtain, when lowered or deployed divides up large open spaces to slow down the spread of fire, allowing a safe exit. Flame Curtain is strong enough to contain a fire for up to 2 hours whilst still allowing a route of escape should this be required. This is achieved by simply lifting the bottom rail to create a gap large enough to go under.

SeceuroFire Flame Curtain

The flame fire curtain when deployed slows down the spread of fire, allowing a safe exit. The fire curtain can be face or reveal installed and is invisible when not in use. Provided with a tubular motor and battery back up as standard and a gravity failsafe where by the brake is released in the event of power failure and battery discharge.

Fire curtain 2 hour rated 2 hour rating

  • Helps stop the spread of fire
  • Invisible when not in use
  • Auto-operation
  • Gravity fail safe
  • Still allows access/safe exit
  • Complies with regulations
Common Applications
  • No compromise on design in large open plan offices
  • Contain fire to create a safe escape route
  • Fire protection over windows
  • Contain area in a building e.g. restaurant/cafe area in a school/department store
  • Greater protection on doors
  • Contain fire within a lift
  • Boundary protection to stop fire spreading to other premises e.g. shopping centre