Why choose an Overlap Trackless Garage Door?

Why choose an Overlap Trackless Garage Door?


Overlap is an innovative sectional door thanks to its original opening system that doesn’t require ceiling tracks and reduces by 50% the internal protrusion. With Overlap the space inside the garage is best used and the door clearance is optimized, both in height and in width. Just a 200 mm headroom is required. Overlap is equipped with the SilMotion operator embedded in the head-bar. This system operates the doors without visible ceiling tracks. The door raises, folds in half, turns below the ceiling, split in two sections and the lower one slides below the upper one.



More space – The innovative technology OVERLAP, allows the absence of ceiling tracks giving more space to your garage

Unique design – The operator built into the head-bar guarantees a clean and modern internal side

Less maintenance – The use of a counterweight system allows the absence of springs reducing maintenance to the minimum


For further details on these unique garage doors visit www.capitalgaragedoors.co.uk or call the sales team on 01293 652470.

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