SWS UK are Developing SeceuroDoor 7502

SWS UK are Developing SeceuroDoor 7502 – an Industrial Door with a Level 2 Security Rating SWS announce the development of SeceuroDoor 7502 within their range of industrial products. The robust 7502 will be manufactured with an 18 gauge steel, as opposed to the 20 or 22 used on our standard commercial products and is fitted with windlocks, wind guides and internal bullet locks as standard, resulting in a shutter that benefits from advanced security but with the style and ease [...]

SWS Price Increases

SWS introduce new prices from 1st April. Like a number of industries within the UK, businesses such as SWS who regularly import raw material continue to be affected by rising costs. We are all aware of the historic vote that took place in June of last year and the subsequent impact that this has played on the entire UK market. SWS have been working hard at minimising the effect on their business and customers. However, unfortunately, SWS are no longer [...]

SeceuroGlide Garage Doors – New 7 Year Warranty!

New 7 Year Warranty! We are delighted to announce that SWS will now be offering a staggering 7 year extended warranty, (subject to registration) with the SeceuroDrive motor. Additionally, the SeceuroSense receiver will also come with the same 7 year warranty when installed alongside the SeceuroDrive motor. The high-quality motors supplied by NRG have allowed us to provide your customers with even greater peace of mind with an extended warranty and a newly structured after-care process. Somfy motor still available. The SeceuroGlide range [...]

Hormann Price Increases

Hormann introduces new price lists on Domestic Products from 1st April. The result of the EU Referendum on June 23rd sent the value of Sterling into free-fall. The effect of this on Hormann’s bottom line was shocking and immediate yet they did nothing to directly address this, choosing to wait and hope that some stability returned and the value of the Sterling would improve. We now have some stability, but at a Foreign Exchange rate which is simply not viable. In [...]

New Novoferm Price Lists

Novoferm introduces new price lists for 2017 which came into effect on 1st January 2017. Novoferm has made every effort to minimise the price increases but due to the increased prices of raw material, unfortunately, the prices have had to be increased.For most ranges, the average increase is approximately 6%. Please ensure you check the price increase as they are not uniform across all ranges, as Novoferm has tried to be selective to keep increases to a minimum. If you have any [...]

New Wessex Brochure and Price Lists

New Wessex Brochure and Price Lists for 2017, which is effective immediately. Highlights within the new literature are as follows: Re-introduction of the Gothic and Tudor ranges New Design of Lymington with windows added to the range New pricing on a range of standard doors All made to measure sizing now in 5mm increments New Auto-Over insulated roller door added to the range Download the new price list  and the new Wessex garage door brochure If you require additional information please contact the sales team

Why your customers will love the new Hormann internal Timber Doors

Door leaf and frame versions High-quality door leaf: Available with four different door leaf inserts – from a simple honeycomb insert up to a high-quality solid chipboard. Sturdy timber frame: Consists of an extra sturdy 25-mm-thick jamb lining. Particularly robust MDF boards give the decorative edges and rebate cladding a smooth surface. Robust steel frame: An alternative to the timber frame: the robust steel frame. Thanks to a special final coating, the colour surface is particularly resistant. Extremely impact resistant: [...]

Check Out The New GaraRoll Lite Roller Door

Garador launch new economy version of Garador’s popular GaraRoll roller garage door, the  ‘GaraRoll Lite’. With a tubular driven motor design and insulated aluminium laths, this value added roller garage door is a great choice for homeowners looking for value, a functional design and quality engineering, all at an affordable price. Tubular Motor Driven Operator and Hand Transmitters The GaraRoll Lite is supplied with a tubular motor driven operator and 2 hand transmitters as standard, as well as a hand crank [...]

Why Choose Schuco Bifold and Sliding Patio Doors

Schüco is arguably the most respected aluminium systems company in the world. Due to the strength of Aluminium, doors can be made taller and wider than other bifold doors, enabling you to create the largest glass panels for maximum light. KAT manufacture Schuco Bifold Doors and Sliding Patio Doors, in a wide range of colours.                     A feature which has recently been added to the Schueco Aluminium sliding doors is the new SmartClose feature, where the large patio doors start to [...]

Alutech price increases

As you are aware, the GBP/Euro exchange rate has been in a steady decline from late 2015.  Since the EU referendum in June 2016 this decline has continued to such an extent that we face a reduction in value of approximately  18%. ** We were optimistic of a recovery in the value of our GBP after the initial slump and as such held off passing these implications onto our customers. Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be any sign of [...]