Weather Defender

Weather Defender Garage Door Floor Seal Strips

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Weather Defender has been designed to form an excellent seal between the garage door and the floor. The floor seal will prevent unwanted rain, snow, leaves, dust and dirt being pushed under your garage door by the wind! Suitable for up and over, side hinged, roller and sectional garage doors. The Weather Defender garage door threshold seal keeps your garage clean and tidy throughout the year. Quick and easy to install yourself with instant results!

High quality, worth the money  ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

“Great high quality product, easy to fit as the rubber cuts very well with a Stanley knife. My garage floor was not very level but this still seemed to fill the gap well and has already prevented leaves from blowing into the garage. The glue provided is good quality and acts as a sealant too, in addition to the zigzag bead, I applied a thin bead at the front and back which gives a flush fitted look. It took about 30 minutes to fit in total.”

Available in a choice of sizes with one adhesive included, unless otherwise stated.

Weather Defender Original
1200mm wide
2300mm wide
2600mm wide
2900mm wide
3200mm wide
3800mm wide
4400mm wide
5000mm wide
5700mm wide (includes two adhesives)
6300mm wide (includes two adhesives)
30000mm wide (adhesive sold separately)

Weather Defender XL
Cut to length (adhesive sold separately)

The garage door threshold seal is now available in the US.

Weather Defender dimensions

Dimensions and Lengths

Weather Defender original is 87mm wide x 16.7mm and is available in 11 different lengths to suit all opening sizes.
Weather Defender XL is 129mm wide x 27mm and is available cut to size to suit all opening sizes.

The Thin Yellow Line

Weather Defender has been designed with a solid yellow rubber line at the top of the hump. The Yellow Line ensures that the Weather Defender floor seal is highly visible for people to step over when entering and exiting the garage. The yellow line is a permanent solid rubber infill which will not come off when driven over.

Serrated Grooved Base

The base of the Weather Defender has been precisely designed with a serrated grooved base. This creates an ideal surface for the sealant, providing excellent adhesion when the rubber Weather Defender is bonded to a concrete floor.


Stixall is a high quality one component polyurethane sealant for a wide range of sealing and bonding applications. Stixall has great bonding strength to fix the Weather Defender rubber floor seal to a concrete floor.