Garage Door Systems announces price increases

Garage Door Systems announces price increases


We have been informed by GDS that their prices are increasing as of the end of May 2016, due to an increase in raw materials.

GDS’ primary steel providers, Tata steel, have imposed significant price increase across the board on the raw materials need for making the plastisol coated and galvanised coils used in their doors. Over the past 18 months, Garage Door Systems have incurred several other increases, in addition to the price of steel that have driven up their direct costs. Unfortunately, GDS have advised that they can no longer absorb this level of cost increases and are increasing their prices.

Effective on all GDS orders placed from Monday 13th June

DuraRoll 1-Skin Roller Doors                +7.6%

All Sectional Doors                                   +7.2%

ThermaRoll Insulated Roller Doors     + 3.5%

Durapass                                                     +8.3%

Regrettably, we inform you that we have to pass these price increases on. The new prices will be effective on all GDS doors orders placed from Monday 13th June.

We are continually working hard to provide you with the best prices and service and if you have any queries regarding these changes, then please do not hesitate to contact a member of the Capital team on 01293 652470.

GDS Garage Door GDS Garage Door

Don’t forget: Ensure you order your GDS doors BEFORE Monday 13th June to secure the current GDS prices

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