New Colours from Garador

Three new colours to choose from… Garador have just added three new standard colours to our steel garage door range; these include: Pastel Green (RAL 6019) Golden Oak (Solid) Rosewood (Solid) Each colour has been carefully selected to provide a broader choice for homeowners and specifiers looking for a coloured door that matches the aesthetic and architectural features of their home. Plus, when customers see the obvious benefits of a quality paint finish and rivet free door panel, which gives one of the smoothest [...]

Garador Price Increases

Garador introduces new prices from 3rd April. With the drop-in the exchange the and the weakening pound, along with increasing prices from European suppliers, Garador have seen substantial increases in costs. As exchange rate are not expected to improve over the coming weeks and month, and in additional to the other cost increases, Garador are left with no choice but to increase prices by 9.9% on all products from 3rd April 2017. Please order by 30th March to secure your products [...]

SWS Price Increases

SWS introduce new prices from 1st April. Like a number of industries within the UK, businesses such as SWS who regularly import raw material continue to be affected by rising costs. We are all aware of the historic vote that took place in June of last year and the subsequent impact that this has played on the entire UK market. SWS have been working hard at minimising the effect on their business and customers. However, unfortunately, SWS are no longer [...]

SeceuroGlide Garage Doors – New 7 Year Warranty!

New 7 Year Warranty! We are delighted to announce that SWS will now be offering a staggering 7 year extended warranty, (subject to registration) with the SeceuroDrive motor. Additionally, the SeceuroSense receiver will also come with the same 7 year warranty when installed alongside the SeceuroDrive motor. The high-quality motors supplied by NRG have allowed us to provide your customers with even greater peace of mind with an extended warranty and a newly structured after-care process. Somfy motor still available. The SeceuroGlide range [...]

New Novoferm Price Lists

Novoferm introduces new price lists for 2017 which came into effect on 1st January 2017. Novoferm has made every effort to minimise the price increases but due to the increased prices of raw material, unfortunately, the prices have had to be increased.For most ranges, the average increase is approximately 6%. Please ensure you check the price increase as they are not uniform across all ranges, as Novoferm has tried to be selective to keep increases to a minimum. If you have any [...]

Why your customers will love the new Hormann internal Timber Doors

Door leaf and frame versions High-quality door leaf: Available with four different door leaf inserts – from a simple honeycomb insert up to a high-quality solid chipboard. Sturdy timber frame: Consists of an extra sturdy 25-mm-thick jamb lining. Particularly robust MDF boards give the decorative edges and rebate cladding a smooth surface. Robust steel frame: An alternative to the timber frame: the robust steel frame. Thanks to a special final coating, the colour surface is particularly resistant. Extremely impact resistant: [...]

Hormann’s new internal door operator

Hormann’s new internal door operator, PortaMatic The UK’s leading door manufacturer, Hormann, has been awarded top marks for its new door operator, PortaMatic. The system allows people to open and close internal doors automatically via a hand transmitter or button, making it ideal for the elderly or disabled, or the workplace. The PortaMatic was put to the test by international aging specialists in Germany this week and was awarded the highest mark ever given to a door operator. It has a [...]