SWS Price Increases

SWS Price Increases

SWS introduce new prices from 1st April.

Like a number of industries within the UK, businesses such as SWS who regularly import raw material continue to be affected by rising costs. We are all aware of the historic vote that took place in June of last year and the subsequent impact that this has played on the entire UK market. SWS have been working hard at minimising the effect on their business and customers. However, unfortunately, SWS are no longer able to subsidise these costs and as a result, they are left with no alternative but to implement a price increase.

Not only have SWS been affected by a drastically weaker pound, but in addition, they have had a number of raw material price increases levied on them by their suppliers. Increasing costs forms only part of the picture and SWS are well aware that 2017 market conditions may become challenging. With this in mind, SWS have strived to minimise the increases as much as possible. Price increases detailed below:

SeceuroGlide Roller Doors – 3.9%
SeceuroShield Aluminium Shutters – 3%
SeceuroDoor Steel Shutters – 3%
SeceuroFire Shutters – 3%
Components – 5%
SeceuroGuard Retractable Gates – 5%

The above increases take effect on orders placed on or after the 1st April.

Please ensure you order by 30th March to secure your products at the current list prices

Thank you for your continued support of the SWS brand and if you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact the Capital team;

Call 01293 652 470 or email sales@capitalgaragedoors.co.uk

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