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Ryterna Price Increases

During last few months British pound value has significantly decreased against USD and EUR. Ryterna's main production is in Europe and prices for steel, which is main component in garage doors on the international market, are quoted in USD. Under these circumstances, Ryterna are forced to react to existing situation. Therefore they have issues corrections to 2016 Garage Door price-list. All orders for garage doors placed after 11 November 2016 will be subject to 6% price increase. Thank you for your ongoing business and [...]

SWS SeceuroGlide Roller Garage Door Range

New Options, Key Changes and Exciting Developments to the SeceuroGlide Roller Garage Door Range New 1.5v NRG Bottom Slat Transmitter: Supplied with standard 1.5v AA batteries, which customers can easily obtain (3.6v AA batteries can also be used) The pairing button is located on the outside The cover can be opened by removing just 2 screws Re-positioning the terminal block will help prevent trapped wires A high-quality rubber seal (IP54) provides better protection from water ingress New Colours and Finishes: *3 [...]