GDS Price Increases 2017

GDS Price Increases 2017

Garage Door Systems introduce new prices from 10th April.

Since the announcement of Brexit and the subsequent devaluation of sterling almost every manufacturing business within the UK has been impacted significantly with regards increases in raw material purchases. Over the past few months GDS have continued to absorb these increases and/or have had notification of impending increases from not only our steel suppliers but also from all other ancillary input sources (nyloflex, aluminium bottom bar, steel, fixings, hardware components, packaging…..etc).

Effective 10th April 2017 GDS will be implementing the below adjustment to the following products:

DuraRoll Single Skin Roller Doors               +6%

ThermaRoll Insulated Roller Doors             + 4%

Whilst implementing price increases is never easy, we hope you understand that this is a necessity given the severity of input cost increases. Over the next few weeks and months with the anticipated triggering of Article 50 there may be further ramifications as the world absorbs the shocks and learns to adjust to the new reality. Given the uncertainty around the current economic environment all we can do at this stage is continue to monitor the situation closely and continue to work hard to minimise any effects on each of our respective businesses. We will keep you updated as the situation unfolds.

Thank you for your continued support of the GDS brand and if you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact the Capital team;

Call 01293 652 470  or email

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