Wessex Garage Doors

Wessex Garage Doors

Wessex Doors is Europe’s largest manufacturer of low maintenance GRP (Glass Reinforced Polyester) garage doors and a leading innovator in the field of garage door design. Wessex Garage Doors is a pioneer in the production of top class, high quality GRP doors. Based in Verwood in Dorset, Wessex provide a range of maintenance free door panels in both a high gloss white finish and a faithful reproduction of real timber that would be the pinnacle in garage door design.

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Wessex Up & Over Glosswhite GRP Garage Doors

The Wessex range of brilliant White High Gloss G.R.P doors are designed to complement any home. With a variety of traditional and premier designs made solely to order, each door is hand-built and specified to your requirements. With a low maintenance surface there are no unsightly seams, welds or joins to detract from their carefully crafted styling.

Not only is G.R.P. tough, it is also excellent at resisting the ravages of the weather, even in coastal locations. The corrosive effects of salt laden air can be easily seen in rusting gates, door hinges and garage doors. G.R.P. eliminates corrosion and the benefits inland are just as convincing – minimal maintenance!

Wessex Up & Over Woodgrain GRP Garage Doors

Wessex Woodgrain G.R.P doors replicate the charm and appeal of real timber, while also offering the time and labour saving benefits of a modern low maintenance finish. These doors require no staining or painting and their outstanding stability ensures that, unlike timber, they will not warp, shrink, peel or crack.

Wessex uses the finest softwood timber masters to create moulds with enhanced grain and detailing that no exterior grade timber can match. The hand applied antiqueing completes the transformation into a door that looks just like wood but with the added benefit of minimal maintenance!